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Irrigation and sprinkler specialist. We install, repair, maintain, and manage your irrigation system.”

Plants and grass all require adequate water to grow and thrive. If you want your lawn to look incredibly healthy at all times, then installing a sprinkler and irrigation system in your yard should be a priority. Most homeowners already know that a functional sprinkler irrigation system will make their yard look nice. However, there are many other benefits that you can potentially enjoy by having a sprinkler system installed in your home.

We are a Utah based sprinkler and irrigation company that boasts more than two decades of experience in the industry. While there are potentially endless irrigation service providers to choose from, lots of Utah residents prefer to work with reliable, reputable, and experienced sprinkler and irrigation experts at Custom Grounds Landscape & Property Maintenance. For more than two decades, we have always offered the best in lawn and garden sprinkler services.

Automated sprinkler systems can be a fantastic option for any garden or yard. It means that you won’t have to worry about giving your plants excess or too little water. You’ll also be saving on your water bills because you won’t be using more than your yard needs to look amazing. A great sprinkler irrigation system will also help your yard to maintain sound nutrient balance. With an automated or controlled distribution at your disposal, there is very little chance that you’ll overwater your garden, which is usually the prime cause of nutrient erosion.

Another notable advantage of modern sprinkler irrigation system installation is that homeowners can determine not only the right amount of water to be distributed throughout your yard or garden, but also where the water is sprayed, dripped or sprinkled. This enables you to easily manage your complex garden and plant arrangements and provide each of your grass patches or flower beds the right volume of water they need at any given time.

So what type of sprinkler and irrigation services do we offer?

We are extremely knowledgeable about irrigation and sprinkler systems. This is why we provide a spectrum of services including:

  • Irrigation installation: If you are looking to install your first irrigation system installation in Utah, we have got you covered. The experienced crew at Custom Grounds Landscape and Home Services will provide reliable, cost-effective, and durable solutions that guarantee the much-needed peace of mind when it comes to your sprinkler installation. Our proven experts will do everything within their power to ensure your landscape irrigation system operates at peak efficiency throughout the year, is set to drain properly and reduce water runoff, is designed to accommodate your lawn’s needs, and is as reliable and as sustainable as possible.
  • Irrigation service and repair: A damaged sprinkler system can cause lots of damage to your landscape or lawn. Broken heads, controller problems, dry patches, leaks, and a sprinkler that won’t turn on or off are just a few repair issues that you may have to contend with. Regardless of the type of problem you may be facing, our technicians are trained and experienced enough to diagnose and fix whatever may be disrupting your irrigation system’s performance.
  • Pump installation, repair, and maintenance: You already know that the pump is arguably the most important component of your sprinkler system. This is why it needs to be in tip-top condition at all times. Our experts will service and maintain every component of your pump including the filters and other mechanical components. With us at your disposal, your pump will always function at its peak levels.
  • Backflow preventer repair and replacement: We will also keep your backflow preventer in excellent working condition.
  • Upgrades: If you are having old irrigation systems in your yards, they can benefit tremendously from new innovative upgrades such as efficient sprinkler heads, new sensors among other components
  • Additional services: We provide a wide range of special services to meet the needs of our clients. We not only install pump and well systems, but also provide irrigation system renovation services and seasonal services such as sprinkler maintenance packages.

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