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Sprinkler & Irrigation in South Jordan Utah

Sprinkler & Irrigation services in South Jordan Utah

Irrigation Installation in South Jordan UT

Sprinkler & Irrigation lines are constantly shifting with expansive and contractive soils, temperature changes, and the movement of surging water, which can lead to the development of splits and fissures. Heads and electronic valves have gaskets and electrical components that wear out over time, along with sprinkler heads that have filters that become clogged over time.

All sprinkler repairs will be done on a time and material basis. Please contact the office for any irrigation problems and/or needs. Valves from developing splits or fissures, and prevents the back-flow prevention device from cracking.

The times this service is performed are dictated by weather conditions. The winterization service occurs between October 1 and November 15.


Sprinkler Winterization in South Jordan UTAH

In the Fall, the sprinkler system is winterized by shutting down the tap source and backflow prevention assembly. The valves and lateral lines are blown out with compressed air and then the test cocks and valves are left partially open to allow airflow. Airflow allows the pressure in the lines to expand and contract with temperature variations. This prevents the pressure P.V.C., polylines, and valves from developing splits or fissures, and prevents the back-flow prevention device from cracking.

Ideally this service should be scheduled once all leaves have fallen, however, multiple services may be needed as leaves fall during the season.

The times this service is performed are dictated by weather conditions. The winterization service occurs between October 1 and November 15.


Line Blow-Outs

In the Spring, the irrigation system is activated, timed to proper water trans-evaporation rates, and each head is turned for proper rotation and throw. Every zone is checked for any winter damage that can be detected at this time. Problems such as worn valves and sprinkler head seals, water pooling from worn or cracked pipes/connections, etc. are addressed.

Residential customers in South Jordan UTAH with extensive damage may need more work than a turn on service can reserve. In such case, work will be completed at a time and material rate to get the system operational. Custom Grounds Landscape Detailing strives to provide a complete professional service at a competitive rate.

Irrigation System Design, installations and maintenance tips in South Jordan Utah.



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Sprinkler and Irrigation services in South Jordan UT FAQ’s.

Why Hire An Irrigation Expert?

You put a lot of work into making your home beautiful inside and out. A professionally-installed irrigation system increases your ability to grow beautiful flowers while keeping your yard’s moisture level at the right levels. An irrigation system that hasn’t been installed properly by a professional and doesn’t function the way it was designed to can be a waste of money and resources and can cause major drainage problems and many headaches.

What are Drip Sprinklers?

Drip systems have gained popularity for their benefit in irrigating non-turf areas. This drip system usually contains holes in a tube or hose or emitters. This drip system employs water outlets or emitters to be placed within a certain gap or distance.

How many days a week should I water my lawn?

Most lawns need at least 1”-1 ½” of water per week, year-round, and during the winter, as well. Water your lawn deeply 2 to 3 times per week. Try not to water daily. Watering as early as possible is optimal so early morning works best when possible. Can you push a 6” screwdriver into your lawn? If not chances are you're not watering enough.

How do I keep my grass green?

Keeping Your Grass Green during the Summer months can be challenging, remember to follow these 6 steps you should be well on your way to a lush and full lawn.

  • Mow high. Put your lawnmower on a high setting, to leave the grass around 3 inches high.
  • Regular watering regiments, deeply. If you want a green lawn all summer long, consistent watering is the key.
  • Watering earlier in the day is better. Morning time is optimal.
  • Keep your mower maintenanced regularly for better performance.
  • Repair damaged areas caused by pet waste, disease, and pests.
  • Don't forget to apply fertilizer.

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