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Snow removal Services in Draper Utah

Snow Removal services in Draper Utah

Snow removal, Plowing

Custom Grounds Landscape & Property Maintenance offers a variety of commercial & Residential snow removal contracts for the snow season.

In general, all lot and roadways are extensively cleared upon a predetermined depth. We make it a point to be as speedy and complete as possible. Working with the weather the best we can, we attempt to be off the property by 7:00 a.m., leaving both sidewalks and driveways free and clear of snow and de-iced.


Commercial Snow removal in Draper UTAH

In the Fall, the sprinkler system is winterized by shutting down the tap source and backflow prevention assembly. The valves and lateral lines are blown out with compressed air and then the test cocks and valves are left partially open to allow airflow. Airflow allows the pressure in the lines to expand and contract with temperature variations. This prevents the pressure P.V.C., polylines, and valves from developing splits or fissures, and prevents the back-flow prevention device from cracking.

Ideally this service should be scheduled once all leaves have fallen, however, multiple services may be needed as leaves fall during the season.

The times this service is performed are dictated by weather conditions. The winterization service occurs between October 1 and November 15.


Residential Snow removal in Draper Utah

In the Spring, the irrigation system is activated, timed to proper water trans-evaporation rates, and each head is turned for proper rotation and throw. Every zone is checked for any winter damage that can be detected at this time. Problems such as worn valves and sprinkler head seals, water pooling from worn or cracked pipes/connections, etc. are addressed.

Residential customers with extensive damage may need more work than a turn on service can reserve. In such case, work will be completed at a time and material rate to get the system operational. Custom Grounds Landscape Detailing strives to provide a complete professional service at a competitive rate.

We perform Snow removal services in Draper UT during...

Custom Grounds Landscape & Property Maintenance uses the best and most up to date equipment to keep the process as high quality as possible. We use the small and maneuverable skid loaders for confined areas, trucks for regular lots and drives, and large loader tractors equipped with box plows for large jobs. All equipment is operated by skilled and seasoned employees.

Why choose us?

Years of experience in the snow removal industry:

Custom Grounds Landscape & Property Maintenance offers highly trained and experienced team members. With years of experience in the industry, we are capable of tackling all types of properties large or small.

Highly-trained snow removal professionals:

Our team is made up of highly trained and certified experts who will always choose the most effective, safest methods.

Locally owned and operated snow removal company:

We are a locally owned company and our operators are always available 24/7 for booking. We will come to your place and assess the situation and give you an honest quote.

Licensed, insured, and bonded professionals:

We are a fully insured, licensed, and bonded company, implying that we are responsible for our work and actions. This gives you much-needed peace of mind, knowing that you are working with highly qualified and responsible professionals. We are also registered with all the industry bodies.

We offer free estimates: As soon as you give us a call, we will come to your place and assess the situation and provide you with an honest free quote. If you are currently in need of our services, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are always ready to help you. We are a one-stop solution to your properties problems.

Snow removal services in Draper UT FAQ’s.
Why do I need a team for snow removal?
Shoveling snow is a highly arduous task. And you can make it even harder by using inferior snow removal equipment. This is why you need a team of professionals from our company to help you effectively remove snow from your residential home or commercial property. Our highly advanced equipment and highly experienced are prepared for the snow season and geared toward handling any size of snow and ice removal tasks. We are equipped with lots of trucks, large tractors, skid loaders, snow pushers as well as a wide range of snow blowers and salters to ensure we effectively tackle your commercial and residential snow removal needs.
Do you offer snow relocation services?
Sometimes it may not be advisable to just push the snow out of the snow! After all, huge piles of snow in your yard, parking lot, or driveway can quickly translate into huge hazards, resulting in obstructions in view for road users or even accidents. So, when stockpiling is no longer regarded as an option for you, we have the necessary equipment to haul it off-site.
Are your snow and ice removal services an add-on option for your maintenance accounts, or is it a stand-alone service?
Our snow and ice removal are offered as a stand-alone service. However, you don't need to worry! Regardless of the severity of your winter problem, we always have a plan for you. We can customize a package that suits your property's needs to make this winter a safe one for your commercial property.
Do you clear parking lots, sidewalks as well as entrances of snow and ice?
It is not just our snow and ice removal expertise that makes a difference! We also know how snow removal can potentially impact your landscaping. If snow removal is poorly conducted, your landscaping gets ruined. Our commercial snow removal professionals will plan your ice and snow removal in a manner that keeps the protection of your property's landscape in mind. We offer a range of services and this, of course, includes clearing parking lots, sidewalks as well as entrances of snow and ice within your business premises.
Do you spray deicers?
When the forecast indicates that there is a winter storm on the way, it can be satisfying to know that you are covered with snow clearing. You can only have this type of feeling by choosing our commercial snow removal experts to take care of your winter weather property concerns. During dangerous ice storms, our proven experts will still be out there working on your property to ensure it is protected. We provide deicing services for every area of your commercial property. What's more, we offer additional snow removal services such as sidewalk shoveling, salting and prepping, driveway snow plowing as well as 24/7 emergency response services among others.
What is the cost of snow and ice removal?
It is imperative to note that there is no standard cost for commercial snow and ice removal. This is because there are lots of factors to be considered. Generally, the total cost will depend on the size of the property to be serviced, the number of required plowing services, the type of equipment needed for the job as well as the cycle time between visits among other factors. However, with us at your disposal, you don't need to worry. Our competitive pricing and highly flexible service options align with nearly any budget, whether you are looking for a one-time service, emergency-response, complete-winter season package, or something in between.
What is the best snow removal company?
For best snow removal results, you need to work with a reputable company that is equally experienced enough to handle your needs. Simply put, the professional experience and skill level of the contractor hired are two important factors to consider. We not only use special melting services and products when tackling snow-related issues, but our experts also boast years of experience in the industry. What's more, we are a local business that is family-owned and operated.