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5 tips on How to Get a Lush, Green Lawn Your Neighbors Will Envy

Jun 23, 2020lawn care, landscaping

June 23, 2020

5 tips on How to Get a Lush, Green Lawn Your Neighbors Will Envy

How to Get a Lush, Green Lawn Your Neighbors Will Envy

Every homeowner dreams of having a lush and highly vibrant green lawn that makes your home beautiful. There are potentially endless reasons why we all love lush lawns. Aesthetically, lawns can potentially enhance the quality of life, boost property values, and make your immediate environment more appealing. Well-kept landscapes can have a positive impact on people. An appealing landscape creates an inviting view and also offers a highly pleasing and natural backdrop for other elements within your landscape.

These are just a few compelling reasons why you would want to have a great-looking lawn in your home. However, for you to enjoy some of these benefits, you must take great care of your lawn. Once you have created your preferred outdoor space, selected the perfect grass and soil for the area, you will have to make sure your lawn looks amazing at all times. As experts in lawn care and landscaping, we are going to provide you with five effective tips on how to get a lush, green lawn your neighbors will envy.

Tip 1: Don’t mow too low:

Lawn mowing is not always thought of as an activity that demands lots of knowledge. However, the way you mow your grass can potentially have a significant impact on the health as well as the look of your grass. Even though it might seem okay and natural to cut your lawn as short as possible, lawn caring experts highly recommend that letting it grow fairly longer and mowing it more frequently.

Mowing your grass at the proper height as well as the appropriate frequency and technique will help maintain, lush, attractive, and healthy turf. When a lawn is mowed too low, the actual crowns of the turf plants themselves can potentially get damaged by the lawnmower blade, a situation that weakens your lawn in every aspect, making it vulnerable to weeds, diseases, and insect. And once your lawn experiences increased crown damage, it will struggle to contain weed invasions and grub infestations during the entire growing season.

Although the ideal height may vary between grass species, the recommended minimum mowing height for most grass types is between 3 and 3 and 3 ½ inches. Mowing your lawn to this height once a week will potentially ease the stress to your plants, resulting in an overall healthier and beautiful lawn.

Tip 2: Fertilize to promote a healthy lawn:

We are all aware that fertilizer is an important ingredient in growing and maintaining a healthy lawn. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t make an effort to fertilize perhaps they don’t know when or how and what types of products to apply. And what makes it even more difficult is that if lawn fertilizer isn’t used appropriately, it can potentially do more harm than good. Of course, you can always depend on the expertise as well as the knowledge of lawn care professionals to advise you regarding the best fertilizer to use on your lawn as well as how to apply it.

With time, your soil will naturally lose lots of its essential nutrients your lawn dearly needs. This only implies that if you want a lush, green lawn, you’ll have to replace those lost nutrients, and fertilizing your lawn is your best bet toward achieving this. Fertilizer replaces and replenishes all the essential nutrients your lawn needs for an improved look.

Tip 3: Repair and Maintain your lawn:

You already know that an ugly-looking lawn can be a huge ding in your property’s value, especially if you are planning to sell. This is why repairing and maintaining your lawn should be a priority. Of course, if you are not an expert in lawn care and maintenance, you should seek the services of a proven expert to help keep your lawn healthy.


You can repair your lawn by pulling up dead turf, watering it, adding some sod, and perhaps by adding some topsoil to identified low spots. Dead patches of lawn are quite easy to pull up and you can almost effortlessly cut around areas using a spade. And if you can afford, you can consider laying sod on your lawn’s dead patches. If seeding seems to be an affordable option for you, go for it as well. When seeding, scatter the seeds on the soil and lightly rake them in. Make sure you water daily to enhance germination and feed the young blades with the appropriate fertilizer. Let your grass grow to at least 3-inches before its first cut.

Above everything, you also need to ensure your tractor or mower is in tip-top condition. Sharp blades cut faster and cleaner, giving your grass a highly vibrant look. On the other hand, dull blades are known to stress the grass, making it more prone to diseases. For optimal results, balance and sharpen your mower’s blade at least three times during the growing season.

Tip 4: Aerate your lawn:

To achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn, you need to effectively mow, fertilize, and water your lawn. However, you also need to ensure that nutrients can penetrate the soil beneath your turf. Aeration remains a highly important ingredient to a healthy lawn since it allows both air and water to effectively penetrate the lawn patch. Aeration entails perforating the soil to allow water, nutrients, and air to penetrate the grassroots, allowing the roots to grow deeply to produce a vigorous and stronger lawn.

Tip 5: Water your lawn:

All experts agree that the best time to water your landscape is during the early morning, preferably before 10 AM. This is because calm breezes as well as cool temperatures help keep evaporation rates to the absolute minimum. What’s more, watering in the morning keeps your lawn cooler during the warmest parts of the day, which implies less stress on your lawn. And you are not sure about anything, don’t always hesitate to seek professional advice.

With these proven lawn care and maintenance tips at your disposal, you will always keep your lawn looking incredibly lush, healthy, and beautiful.


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  1. Darrien Hansen

    Thanks for explaining how caring for your lawn is important since its appearance significantly influences your property’s value. My brother has been interested in selling his house so that he can move closer to where he works, but his grass has started to turn yellow ever since he went on a business trip last month. Hopefully, he can find someone that can care for his lawn before he sells his property.


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