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3 Highly Effective Pest Control Methods For 2021

Aug 10, 2020pest control, garden

August 10, 2020

3 Highly Effective Pest Control Methods For 2021

Got rodents, bed bugs, mice, or unwanted insects in your home? Is your commercial building, or residential home prone to pest attacks? If yes, you are in the right place. We are going to discuss in excruciating details all the most effective pest control methods currently available. By knowing the different types of pest control techniques, you can be a step ahead in as far as getting rid of pests from your home is concerned. You can always choose the best method that suits your pest removal needs and restore the health of your home.

Biological Pest Control

Biological pest control is arguably the most effective and natural method known today. It effectively minimizes the number of pests without leaving any known negative impact on the rest of the environment. What makes it a popular choice is the fact that it is a chemical-free technique that is highly beneficial. It can control pest populations without releasing any potentially dangerous chemical into your immediate environment.

It effectively minimizes the number of pests without leaving any known negative impact on the rest of the environment.

Biological pest control entails the use of living organisms to remove pests. A natural enemy such as a predator, disease-causing organism, or a parasite is introduced into the environment of a particular pest and is encouraged to multiply to effectively reduce the number of pest organisms. Typical examples of biological pest control include the use if the dung beetle to break down and bury cow feces so that it is no longer available as a breeding space for flies, the use of Australian native fish to feed on mosquito larvae in water bodies, the control of various larvae that feed on food crops in home gardens by Bacillus thuringiensis, a soil-dwelling bacterium and the reduction of the proliferation of the European rabbit in Australia through the introduction of myxoma virus, among others.

Mechanical Pest Control

Mechanical pest control includes any hands-on or physical control techniques. However, it is imperative to note that this type of pest control is most effective when you have acute pest issues or when pests are abundant enough for you to promptly kill or remove a large number. Three goals of mechanical pest removal include:

  • Exclusion: The idea behind exclusion is very simple and straight-forward; keep pests away from your property! It can be achieved through numerous means including the use of row covers, the use of mesh screens around garden beds or plants.
  • Destruction: Perhaps the common type of destruction method is the use of diatomaceous earth to get rid of insect pests.
  • Removal: Removal techniques may include handpicking, which is always followed by destruction, the use of water pressure sprays, traps as well as insect vacuums, and fumigation. Color traps, light traps as well as sticky traps are equally not only essential for removing pests, but to monitor pest population as well as the species that are present.

Trap cropping

Insect pests are a huge problem in crop production. Unfortunately, the increased use of insecticides and pesticides to control crop pests has resulted in numerous well-known problems. Trap cropping is a safe and equally effective method of pest control that has gained lots of popularity in recent times. A trap crop, commonly referred to as a sacrificial crop, is that type of plant that you include in your garden to attract pests and potentially divert their attention toward the main crops you are growing.

The idea behind trap cropping is that just as kids will always choose ice-cream over a plate of rice or vegetables, likewise, most crop pests have preferences for the type of plant they’d want to feed or live on. So, by planting rows of a few trap crops closer to your vegetables, the pests will remain attracted to those trap crops thereby leaving your main crops to thrive. As you may have guessed, you don’t expect to harvest anything from the trap crop because it is just there to prevent the pests from attacking your main crops.

With trap cropping, the trap crop you choose will depend on the type of pest you are trying to control. It is important to note that if the trap crop is not overly attractive to the pest, controlling that particular pest won’t be a success. It implies that it is very important to choose the right trap crop. Of course, a reputable pest removal company can always help you select the best one.

These are arguably the most common and equally the most effective pest control techniques available. If your home is currently infested with pests, you should immediately seek the intervention of a professional pest control company to recommend the most appropriate pest removal technique for your home. Call us now to get rid of your unwanted pests and insects in Utah or fill out our quick and easy form.


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